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Experience our unparalleled hospitality & delicious five course breakfast!

Stay at Minnesota’s only Bed, Breakfast, and Brewery!

Turning Waters Back Alley Brewing Co.

Good beers can be found at the corner liquor store, the neighborhood bar, and at many other places around the world.

Great beer however is not so easy to find. Some of the best beer is made by artists with a passion for creating just the right blends.

These hand crafted small batch beers are shared with family and friends but are not generally found at your average watering hole. Lucky for you we have a place in our back alley where just such beers can be found. Come share our passion for craft beer and enjoy some truly unique flavors.

A stranger is just a friend we have not met. See you soon!

About our


One day while sitting on the front porch of our Turning Waters Bed, Breakfast & Adventure, we thought how nice it would be to have a place for guests to relax and enjoy a cold beverage. The house is wonderful but an outdoor venue seemed a better idea. We looked around the property and thought… why not just convert the garage to a brewery? So we did!

It did not take long to go from a humble garage to a full-service brewing operation. Our one of a kind venue, Turning Waters Back Alley Brewing Co. in Wabasha, MN is waiting for you.


Turning Waters Back Alley Brewing Co. may be located in a back alley but there is nothing in the rich flavors of the many styles of beer to suggest it’s humble origins. Ford, the Head Brewer, is constantly refining recipes in an effort to make the perfect brew. Ford practices making beer with the precision and attention to detail that a surgeon might “practice” medicine. Speaking of medicine… few things will make you feel better than sipping lovingly hand-crafted beer in our relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


Rather than clutter up the alley with a grill, ovens and kitchen staff we thought it might be better to partner with local Wabasha, MN restaurants to bring their food to our back alley. We have menus from several local restaurants and they will either deliver or we go pick it up for you.